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DG Recruit Podcast

Created by top-billing headhunter, Dandan Zhu, CEO & Founder of DG Recruit, DG Recruit Podcast helps headhunting firms and headhunters achieve the life and career you envision!

Dec 11, 2018

As a new grad, I had no idea what I was getting into when I went for my first recruitment interview. However, I implemented a lot of the same tactics I describe here to present myself and my interest in sales in the best way possible to increase my odds of being selected into the role.

Through recruiting executive-level staff down to technical level hires, I trained my candidates on how to best present themselves, and now as I grow my services to help other recruiters, I help recruiters best prepare themselves for interviews as they evaluate the clients we represent - all the best headhunting shops nationwide where 6-figures in year one is the default goal, not a pipe dream as it is in many other subpar shops. Get in touch for a confidential discussion today!