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DG Recruit Podcast

Created by top-billing headhunter, Dandan Zhu, CEO & Founder of DG Recruit, DG Recruit Podcast helps headhunting firms and headhunters achieve the life and career you envision!

Dec 17, 2021

As one of the HARDEST (if not THE) hardest sales jobs, agency recruitment is all about stress management.

If you can handle the stress related to deals, clients, and candidates, all that could turn on a dime, you can sustain this career and succeed long-term.

In this episode, Dandan shares multiple strategies she...

Dec 16, 2021

Recruiting changed my life in so many ways. In this life lesson's episode, I share how recruiting pulled me out of a terrible financial bind I was dragged into by my dad who has been a troublesome and controversial person for the majority of my life. 

Furthermore, the work environment at a recruiting firm can...

Dec 14, 2021

2021 has been a phenomenal year to be a recruiter however the failure and exit rate is still as high as it's ever been due to the challenging nature of our profession.

The reality is that those who remain and continue to build their recruitment and sales skills will become financially enriched beyond your dreams in...

Dec 10, 2021

Just like for candidates, your client strategy needs to be top in class to make it to become a dominant force in your market.

Here are the key questions to ask of your potential clients to make sure you're not walking into a mess of a situation.

If you work with clients you like, that your candidates are interested in,...

Dec 6, 2021

While agency recruitment 100% is a sales job, it's not like a typical sales job in which you're selling a simple commodity at a price that doesn't really change anyone's life.

It's easy to convince someone to buy something but not the same when trying to get somebody to take on a job to change THEIR LIFE.