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DG Recruit Podcast

Created by top-billing headhunter, Dandan Zhu, CEO & Founder of DG Recruit, DG Recruit Podcast helps headhunting firms and headhunters achieve the life and career you envision!

Jan 22, 2018

In my mid-20s, I successfully launched the executive search division of my employer's life sciences recruitment business. Within the span of my first year doing this, I racked up over 4 major accounts with average deal sizes of $78-95k, with over $500k in billing as a full-desk headhunter.

The route to market is exactly...

Jan 18, 2018

As headhunters, we all are customer-facing all the time. Oftentimes, we encounter candidates whose attitudes, approach, and style of work is incompatible with our own. 

Especially since we usually recruit for STEM people and technical markets, personality types clash even harder due to the fact that we're...

Jan 16, 2018

The long-term result of properly executed candidate exclusivity market-wide is that you're able to supply your clients with the best candidates who can also make optimal career choices.

Candidate exclusivity isn't a one-way street. You also have to earn it. In this episode, hear what it is, how to ask for it, and how...