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DG Recruit Podcast

Created by top-billing headhunter, Dandan Zhu, CEO & Founder of DG Recruit, DG Recruit Podcast helps headhunting firms and headhunters achieve the life and career you envision!

Jan 23, 2019

As a millionaire by 30, I got rich off of my investment decisions and behaviors geared towards leveraging my skills and capital to achieve more capital.

Born to immigrant parents who grew up in Communist China, I had to figure out my own investment strategy in the modern era. I started by learning, experimentation, and...

Jan 21, 2019

As headhunters, it's easy to get high on the highs and the lows can truly knock you out.

This episode is one of many moving forward that explores the way to look at money and also the labor efforts you put into your career - ultimately, understand, determine, and tenaciously hold on to your plan to achieve the life you...